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 User features

Unified desktop and mobile version

Responsive bootstrap based design that scales beautifully to any screen size.
Users can use their existing Facebook account to register and login to your site. The site automatically imports basic account details and photo from Facebook. Users can post status updated back to Facebook and invite their friends to join the site.
Users can add notes to their photos and tag other users.
AspNetDating now supports CoolIris (formerly PicLens). For more information visit
The new realtime notification system shows the latest information at the bottom of the page. Users will be automatically notified if someone is viewing their profile or if there’s something new about their friends, groups, comments, etc.

Automatically select language based on the browser language or IP address

When enabled the features allows your users to post classified ads. Each classified ad has name, description, a few photos and an expiration date. You can also organize all ads by categories. There are settings allowing you to restrict the posting to users above certain levels or only to paid users or to specific billing plan. For spam prevention reasons ads can require approval before they are posted live.
Users can pick a privacy level for their profile, photos, videos and blogs. The available levels are: Everyone, Registered user only, Friends only. In version 6.0 there is additional privacy level “Friends and their friends”.

“View mutual friends” option

In version 6 there are even more smilies to choose from!
Inspired by the popular HOTorNOT site the new feature allows users to quickly rate photos and find new friends.

Google Maps integration to show event locations

Users can comment on classifieds

Silverlight based image and video uploader

Users can organize their photos in different galleries.
With this feature users can link their Skype account to their profile. If used a Skype icon will be shown on the user profile showing the current user status (Online, Offline, etc). Other users will be able to instantly call the user by clicking on the Skype icon.
Users can use their existing MySpace account to register and login to your site. The site automatically imports basic account details and photo from MySpace.
AspNetDating gives you the ability to let your users decide which photos are appropriate and which are not. Each new photo is moderated by 20 (configurable) users and then the system decides whether to approve it based on the majority of the votes. If a decision cannot be made (not enough votes for either) then the photo is left for manual approval by the site administrators. After a decision is made the software gives or takes points from each user. If a user goes below a certain number of points then they will no longer be able to moderate photos. The users with high score can participate in the "Top Moderators" chart.
Existing users can decide whether new candidates are a good fit for the site. The process is similar to the "User assisted photo moderation" feature. If this mode is enabled then registrations not approved by your users will be rejected. The feature is useful for very targeted sites.
The e-cards functionality supersedes the "Show Interest" feature found in previous versions of AspNetDating. The feature is very flexible and allows you configure many different picture and flash based e-cards. You can make cards such as "I'm interested in you", "Send a rose", "Wink", "Flirt", "Happy birthday", etc. Users can add their personal message to the e-card. If the site is running in paid mode then only paid members can add a personal message.
In AspNetDating 5.5 and above there are separate friends and favorites lists. The friends list is useful for community sites similar to Facebook and Hi5, while the favorites list (crush list) is ideal for dating sites similar to and Of course you can use both to provide even more functionality to your users.
The user status functionality is similar to Facebook and other social networks. Users can set a status such as "I'm happy", "Looking for a date", etc. The status is shown on the user profile page, in the online friends list and in the friend events.
Similar to Facebook and other social networking sites. Users can easily see when their friends have new photos, blog posts, comments, etc. The events system also notifies for changes in the user groups - such as new topics, new posts on your topics, new group photos, etc. Users can leave comments on the user events.
Customizable home page! Your users can add components (web parts) that notify them for new users, new videos, popular blog posts, new groups, new topics, site events, online friends, news and more! Web parts are customizable as well with options for gender, age and more.
The home page components can be rearranged so your users can customize it even more!
The home page components can be rearranged so your users can customize it even more!
Your users no longer have to rotate photos before uploading. Photos can be rotated from the site by clicking a button!
AspNetDating can automatically import e-mail addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and Live mail and e-mail site invitations.
Quick and easy solution when your users want to upload a bunch of photos or videos. The uploader shows percentage and gives a visual indication that the files are uploading and how much is left.

Added "remember me" option when logging in

Users can upload MP3 files to their profile. You can define if the uploads should be approved and the number of allowed audio uploads based on the user level or billing plan.
Web part that informs users for new events in their groups.
Users can leave comments on other user photos.
Flash based slideshows are supported in the group photo galleries.
Flash based slideshows are supported in the user photo galleries.
A handy feature that shows a quick preview of the user when the mouse is over a username.

Dedicated page where users can review and moderate comments left on their profile or photos

A must-have feature for every dating or community site. Each group has its own calendar with events. Users are always notified of incoming events and they can select if they will attend the event. Users are also notified if their friends are attending an event.

Notification about upcoming events on the home page

Users can add YouTube videos to their profile.
Users can have their photo captured and uploaded directly on the site if they have a webcam.
Users can create polls when adding you topics. Pie charts are used to visualize the vote results.
Minimum age restrictions are available. Group owners can easily enforce 18+ or 21+ age restriction.

Show all friends currently online on the home page

Users can mark their video uploads as private and only selected users will be able to view them.

Users can to leave comments for group events

Added "Your friend has a birthday today" message notification

Ability to restrict who can contact you by gender, age and photo

Group announcements

Ability to disable comments, voting and rating for your profile

Users are notified of new topics and posts in their groups

Want to find all the 21+ girls from the "Fitness" group? No problem ;-)

Search group by category, by name, by description

Search group topic by name, by keyword in the post

Search in mailbox by username

If allowed by administrator users can see if their message is has been read, ignored or deleted.
A small icon next to the profile quickly indicates that you have already sent or received a message from that user.

Group posts now support smileys

A quick and simple ajax chat is included with AspNetDating. There is a main chat room and a separate chat room for each group. The chat uses the user photos as avatars within the chat. Upgraded version of the chat can be purchased from
The community groups are one of the most important features in the software. Each group can have message board (forum), chat, photo gallery, calendar and events. Group administrators and moderators are supported.

Group Ajax Chat Rooms

Group Image Galleries

Group Message Boards

Support for public, moderated and private groups

Captcha Validation to prevent automatic registrations

Vista Gadgets for users

If enabled this feature shows the distance between you and the users you're finding in the search results.

Shows zodiac signs

Filter online users by age/gender

Users can report abusive photos, profiles and messages. There is a section in the administrative tool where administrators can review the reports and take appropriate actions.
Feature similar to the famous HOT or NOT site.
Users can leave comments on other users profiles. When the site is in paid mode the comments are limited to paid users only.
Users can have their own blogs.

RSS for news and new users

Birthday e-mails are a great way to show attention to your users and make them feel special.
AspNetDating shows the whole message chain similar to Gmail.

Personal Weblog commenting

Realtime online users list.

Shows user icons on the profile page


Users can now broadcast live video to their profile (plugin)

Video Uploads (requires video converter plugin)

Support for multiple video uploads per user (VideoConverter plugin)

Video uploads now have thumbnails (VideoConverter plugin)

Support for FaceFinder plugin

 Administrative features

Google AdSense and other banners support. Targeting by location, gender, paid status, age, etc

You can easily insert your AdSense or other banner code right from the admin tool. There is also an option to show advertisments only to free users. Dating site owners can target banners to specific genders, regions, age and other criteria.
If you’re running an ad-supported site then you might want to deny access to users using ad blockers (such as Adblock Plus). The AspNetDating ad block detection feature detects all known ad blockers and denies access to those users.
AspNetDating will automatically update the IP to Country database each week.

Moderators can send official warnings in the groups

Dating and community site owners can now easily download and install new site themes from our online gallery.
The dating site can be configured to require a "salute photo" (a photo where the user holds a piece of paper with the site name and their username) for verification before the member is activated.
You can easily create Polls from the administrative tool and let your users vote. Multiple polls are supported and a random one will show on each page load.
This is one of the most basic and loved feature in AspNetDating. The profile structure is not hardcoded like on other dating software - you can easily define the profile topics, questions and choices right from the admin tool. The first step is to create the profile topics - such as "Basic information", "About my ideal match", etc. Then you can create the questions for each topic - such as Weight, Height, Interests, Smoking, Religion, whatever you need. You can set the edit style for each question (textbox, checkboxes, radion buttons, multiline text, dropdown, etc), the view style (single line, multiple lines, skype icon, etc). And finally you can set the search style so users can search based on that question. AspNetDating allows you to tweak the profile structure at anytime - even on live sites!

Administrator can allow profile skins and skin editing based on the user level and billing plan

The matching fields feature allows you to easily display matching percentages on the user profiles. For example if your profile structure have the "I'm smoking" and "My ideal partner is smoking" questions then you can link both questions. The overall percentage is based on all of the matching fields.
The new spam protection feature in AspNetDating detects multiple (configurable) similar messages from the same user and blocks the user from sending more messages. The administrator can review the alert and take the appropriate action (unblock, ban, warn, etc).
A very flexible announcement feature. You can send announcement to all users without photos asking them to upload some, or to all users without profile asking them to fill one. You can send to all inactive users and bring them back, etc. You can send newsletters based on country, gender and more. There are so many possibilities.
Site owners can schedule e-mail announcements to be sent at specific days, period after user registration or inactivity.
Increase user loyalty by giving bonuses based on the user activity.
Check the screenshot to see some of the options available for each level and billing plan. If you're running a paid site you can easily make Silver/Gold/Platinum plans with different limits and features enabled. If you're running a free site you can give bonuses to the regular users based on their level.
Many sites are moving from the traditional pay-per-month approach to the pay-per-message or pay-per-contact billing. With this approach the users can buy credits (e.g. 20 credits for $15.99) and then use those credits to send messages. You can configure the site to charge for each message (pay-per-message) or only once for each user regardless of how many messages are sent to them (pay-per-contact).

New Users hourly/daily/weekly/monthly statistics with charts

Online Users hourly/daily/weekly/monthly statistics with charts

Another excellent SEO feature from AspNetDating! The site can take content from the groups and message boards and use it to generate targeted page titles and meta tags.

Most admin pages can now export data to CSV format

Automatically delete a group after 60 days of inactivity (configurable)

The e-mail reminders are a great way to bring forgotten users back to your site. It is also a good place to place discounts or deals.
A must have for SEO.

New flash charting module is used

Quick stats on the admin home page

Added minimum photo resolution option

You can easily create different subscription levels (Silver/Gold/Platinum) with different enabled features and limits.
The proper place to welcome your new users and explain the rules of the site.

Option in group categories whether users can create groups there

Ability to set meta tags for content pages

The desktop administration tool is a free add-on which you and your moderators can use to quickly moderate user photos and profiles.
The desktop message notifier instantly notifies your users when they have a new message.

Ability to create photo contests. Limit photo entries to age and gender

"Browse Members" admin page now detects the user IP country and shows a country flag

Ability to place content pages in the header and footer. Ability to rearange content pages

The software provides the ability to automatically approve answers for users registered more than XX days ago (configurable).
AspNetDating can now manage profiles in different languages. All of the profile topics, questions and choices can be translated.

Automatic deletion of non-activated users

A must have feature for SEO. All of the public pages visible by search engines have their URL rewritten so they do not have dynamic parameters.
AspNetDating generates the title and meta tags based on the user profile data.

Support for manual payments (check, e-check, wire, etc)

A very useful feature for banning spammers from Senegal and Nigeria. You can also ban any country that you like.

Supports profile activation via SMS

You can create multiple administrative accounts and assign different permissions. You can have administrators who can only approve photos or handle abuse reports, etc.

Photo gallery

Manual or automatic content approval

"Setting" section to manage sitewide functions

Language and text management is built right in the administrative tool. You won't have to mess with any resource files as the whole site can be translated via simple web interface.

CSS-based table-less design

Couples profiles

You have the ability to add gender-specific profile questions.

Optional profiles auto-approve

It's the place to provide your users with up to date information about your site. Different news for different languages are supported and there is RSS support too.
Want to run a site free for women and paid for everyone else? No problem!

 Technical features

AspNetDating can store the images to the database when you have plenty of database space. The advantage of storing to the database is easy backup and managing as you’re only dealing with one file. With the 6.0 release the software also supports storing to the file system which is useful if your database has limited space.
The admin tool will notify you if you need to fix the file permissions or if something else doesn’t seem right.
Better caching routines make AspNetDating faster than ever.
The software can use either proportionaly resized thumbnails or square cropped ones. Use the one that fits your design.
The software is fully written in C# according to the best patterns and practices. The latest version uses ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2005, 2008 or Express. In order to modify the source code you would need Visual Studio 2010.
ASP.NET Web Parts are used to allow great customization of the users home page. Out of the box the software provides components showing new users, new groups, online friends, news, search, popular blogs, new videos and more! You can easily create additional components for your users.
Ajax enhanced pages provide better user experience, faster response and use less bandwidth.
The browser back/forward buttons work as expected on Ajax-enabled pages.
AspNetDating can request latitude/longitude information from Google Maps for locations not available in our database. This information is used to provide distance search functionality.
Regular expression is supported for complex bad words filters.
The database is a simple XML file editable with any text editor. You can easily remove countries to make a regional site or add more data where necessary.
The regional database includes the coordinates for most cities so AspNetDating can perform worldwide distance searches.

Ability to create regional sites (limit to specific country, city)

AspNetDating tracks users coming from your affiliates and applies a commission when appropriate. You can specify if the commission is upon registration, after user payment, one time or recurrent, etc.
The site detects the user country based on the IP address and pre-selects the country dropdowns accordingly.

Bad words filter for profile, messages, group topics, group posts, blogs, comments

Ajax dropdowns are used to select countries, states, regions, prefects, cities

Out of the box you can use PayPal,, Payflow Pro, CCBill, Daopay, AlertPay. The software handles the recurrent billing automatically.
You can disable the gender-related functionality for single-gender sites.
You can disable the age-related functionality for age-irelevant sites.

Greatly improved performance

All of our support staff is in-house and not outsourced. Technical questions are forwarded to the actual programmers who are building the software so you can be sure that you will always receive competent answers.
The site can be translated to ANY language (including right-to-left and non-Latin based languages).

Unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization