Asp.Net Dating Software Frequently Asked Questions

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For how long will the license work?

License works indefinitely. No subscriptions, no extensions, no expirations. Install and use forever.

Are there any annual fees?

No annual fees. No extra fees in the future.

Are there royalty fees?

No royalty fees. Pay once, use forever.

What is a binary version?

The binary version has the same functionality as the source code version. The difference is that with the binary version you cannot modify the functionality of the software. The design however can be customized.

Can I get access to the source code?

Yes. With the source code license you will receive the full source code. The code is written in C# and uses ASP.NET 4.0.

Can I upgrade to the source code license later?

Yes. You can upgrade at anytime!

Can I modify the source code to add new features or modify the existing ones?

Yes, that is the main idea! You are free to customize the source code as much as you want.

Do I have to keep any copyright labels such as the "powered by" text?

You are free to remove all visible copyright notices.

How many sites can I install with one license?

You can install one production site and several development/testing sites.

How much support and upgrades cost?

All product licenses include lifetime free support and free product upgrades!

What are the specifications of the dedicated servers?

CPU: Single Processor Dual Core Xeon 3060 - 2.40GHz (Core2Duo) - 1 x 4MB cache RAM: 4 GB DDR2 667 Bandwidth: 2000 GB Hard drive: 2 x 250GB SATA II>

Which theme do I get with my purchase?

All themes on our demo page are provided with each purchase.

Is the software search engine friendly?

Absolutely! AspNetDating has many SEO features such as url rewriting, dynamic meta tags, automatic Google Sitemaps generation and more.

Can I translate the software to XX language?

Yes, the software is fully Unicode and can be translated to ANY language. Even to right-to-left ones such as Hebrew.